Thursday, 17 November 2016

This weeks top buys

This week I went on a little shopping trip to one of my favourite shops, River Island. So many things caught my eye, I wanted the whole shop. Unfortunately unless I marry a millionaire within the next week that’s not going to happen (it didn’t stop me trying everything on though!)

I did however buy two new items, both jumpers from the latest range within their Autumn/Winter collection that really stood out from the rest. These were both jumpers, because you can never have too many at this time of year.

My first purchase caught my eye because of the overly festive look it has. It is a nice, fairly thick woolly jumper with just the right amount of sparkle thrown in. The gold glitter wool, knitted into angular sections draws your eyes to it. You just instantly fall in love. Whilst this is such a pretty jumper for festivities, it is also perfect for everyday life when you fancy releasing your sassy inner glitter queen. The texture of the glittery wool is a little ‘scratchy’ but this is nothing that couldn’t be solved for most people by placing a simple cotton ‘cami’ underneath.
Price wise this jumper is on the more expensive side at £38. Even I consider this to be way too expensive for a jumper with a festive touch, but
 as it can be worn in many different situations I 
think it is justifiable to spend that little bit extra.

The second buy of the day stood out because of its statement simplicity. These two words wouldn’t ordinarily be put together but here it just works. At a glance the jumper looks like your average thick, dark camel coloured, V-neck jumper. It looks cosy and warm with its big knit but then when you look closer you see the wrapped, slit sleeves giving this otherwise classic winter essential an edgy twist. Even though this jumper has the open shoulder/arm element it is surprisingly warm, making it the perfect jumper for a winter walk or a lazy day, reading a book by the fire.
At £40, this jumper again is a rather expensive addition to your winter style options, but this jumper is timeless and classic, even with the design twist this jumper is unlikely to be going out of fashion anytime soon. The large, tight knit makes the jumper seem like it is high quality and worth paying for. It is worth that little extra as it is a jumper that will last.     

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