Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Beauty and the Beast

As a child every little girl wanted to be a princess, everyone wanted to be Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. I was different, part of the select few who didn’t want to be the conventional princess, instead they wanted to be the smart, self-sufficient girl. Beauty and the Beast was the perfect film for these girls, girls like me. So with the new, live action remake of this incredible story inching closer to release what impression does the trailer give?

The full trailer for the new princess remake was released earlier this week and I have to say it made me nervous. I always admired Belle as a girl, I wanted to be her, she was the strong, independent, smart woman who didn’t need a man to give her life meaning. This character spoke to me and made me feel normal (hard to believe at such a young age I know.) So when I sat to watch the trailer I didn’t quite know what to expect, I was hoping and wishing they wouldn’t change anything.

Even though I was hoping nothing would change, it caught me off guard to see that the sequence was almost the same. Frame for frame this magical ‘ad’ took me back to being a child, it was almost identical. The only change was the castle, giving it a more gothic and dark feel. Apart from that everything was the same as the original trailer. The Castle being changed, in my opinion, makes the film seem more appealing to the older audiences who will remember the original, it’s something that shows them the story does have a darker element whilst being the ideal fairy tale.

It sparks a memory in your mind, which makes you want to see exactly how this story will be adapted to fit an ever changing audience. It makes you want to run to the cinema and revert back to a happy childhood memory.

You can be sure I will be first in line to see this on its release, March 17th 2017. 

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