Tuesday, 15 November 2016

My must have coats and jumpers this season.

If you’re anything like me you’ll spend hours scouring the high street and online sites to find the perfect items to add to your winter wardrobe. So I thought I’d share a few items I have found online and (foolishly) have fallen in love with.  

Recently many of the high street fashion brands have been putting the main items from their winter collections in stores. From the coats to the boots, all things that say ‘Winter is here’ are hitting the racks. When looking through the stores there are a few statement items that jump out, screaming to be added to your wardrobe rotation.
While many fashion mags, such as Cosmo have been swooning over Zara’s coat selection, River Island have gone pretty much unnoticed for their outer wear range this season. The River Island, grey floral embroidered overcoat is stylish and elegant whilst offering something a little different from your average coat. It has a smart yet quirky look with its beautiful pink embroidery giving a spring like feel to an otherwise very wintery coat. It is in River Islands limited edition range however meaning it needs to be snapped up before it leaves our stores forever. The coat is a little pricy at £95 but who says treating yourself every now and again is bad? Especially when it’s this pretty!

Another personal favourite this season in the outerwear section is the New look, green sequin bomber jacket. This is a little different from your usual bomber. The added sequins give this bomber a party feel, why be cold when you can look stylish whilst being warm? The bomber is a more achievable price when looking for the perfect party coat as it is currently £29.99 on the New Look website.

Moving onto woollens, because what woman wouldn’t have a nice woolly jumper in hiding for this time of year? They’re the perfect way to look good at that autumnal lunch or coffee date or a way to stay warm and stylish on your Sunday afternoon dog walk.
My favourite jumpers this season are knitted polo-neck jumpers and there are so many around it’s hard to choose just one as a favourite. Saying this I have found several favourites on H&M’s website, especially their grey knitted polo-neck. It looks perfect for an afternoon stroll through the dried up leaves. At 24.99 it is also an affordable addition which will last. This style is timeless so will definitely become a staple item of your winter selection time and time again.

There are also many jumpers this week to bring to your work wardrobe. The River Island selection on casual wear jumpers. A specific favourite that would be comfortable and office appropriate would be the range of ‘choker neck jumpers’. They’re smart when worn with a pair of tailored trousers and smart court shoes. The jumper is also light so whilst keeping you warm won’t make you uncomfortably hot throughout the day.   

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