Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Missguided madness

 So as many people will already know, Missguided recently had a 50% off event. So of course, as soon as I heard I got myself straight on the website for a fun filled, Friday evening full of online shopping. You can then imagine my horror as I found out the website was over capacity and I was, 68,204 in the queue to even start my shop. Then I decided to try the app and it worked (thank god). I managed to find 4 items I fell in love with and ordered almost without hesitation.

This evening my clothes arrived, warped in the pretty, pink packaging which fills any shopaholic with excitement. What I saw when I opened it was pure joy, everything looked just how I’d imagined. Off the hanger anyway. Then it came to trying it all on:

Item one –

The first item I opened was the Camel coloured mini skirt. Now this skirt I had reservations about from the moment I clicked order but I decided to keep an open mind. Looking at it, lay out on my bed I fell in love, I decided I just had to try it on first.

The colour of this skirt is the perfect shade to match with a casual white top and a pair of brown, heeled boots for an everyday, elegant look. When I tried it on the fit was perfect, not too tight, not too loose which I was happy with. At this point I felt highly confident this skirt was a keeper, even though I’m not much of a skirt wearer. Then I looked in the mirror and my stomach dropped, the hugged my body in all the wrong places, showed every bump and lump but worst of all showed my knicker line! Even no VPL’s showed through, which is not a flattering look for anyone. Sadly this item simply had to go.

Item two –

The second item I tried on was a simple white, V-neck t-shirt. On the model it looked like the perfect top for comfortable or casual wear. It looked loose fitting but not baggy, it could be worn with joggers and slippers around the house or, alternatively with a pair of black jeans, a leather jacket, choker and a range of shoes.
When I felt the top I instantly noticed the soft feel of the material. Along with this I noticed the small seam lines which made me think about the comfort of this top, it wouldn’t cause any skin irritation, which is great! I then put it on and I have nothing to say but WOW. It’s exactly how I imagined it, the fit was wonderful and looked exactly how I hoped it was. It is safe to say this one was a winner. I have it on as I write, I just love it. (Even though it’s just a plain top.)

Items three & four

After having mixed feelings from the first two items I was excited to get onto the final two items. Next I tried the high waisted, blue jeans with distressed detailing. Ideally I wanted to have the short leg jeans (this is what I ordered) but the regular leg arrived so I gave them a go. They were a perfect, well almost. The waist fit was just right, the fit around the legs was comfortable and the rips all fell in the right places. Unfortunately the leg length was far too long, which was disheartening and a little confusing, usually I can roll up regular length jeans but these were about 3 inches too long! How tall do you have to be to wear a pair of regular length jeans from Missguided?
Moving onto my fourth and final item was slightly anti climatic. These jeans were also way too long but I already guessed they would be. What I hasn’t guess was the size difference in them. These jeans were simple, black, high waisted jeans, I had ordered the same size I would always order, the same size as the previous pair of jeans. The issue was when I put them on, they were too big! They looked about two sizes too big and fitted nothing like the jeans I had just tried on. They were baggy and unflattering in all the places you would hope to accentuate.

It is safe to say I sent both pairs of jeans back.

Even though this order was unsuccessful I will still be shopping with Miss guided, finding out what bargains I can pick up.   

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