Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The hidden side to the party island of Crete

What do you think of when you think of Greece? Some would say idyllic landscapes, wonderful people and amazing food. Others however would say hot weather, cheap alcohol and great night life. Two ends of a very varied scale. Given this outlook it is unsurprising that many brits don’t know about hidden tourist destinations across the country and its many beautiful islands. Places that offer everything you need in a quieter and more relaxed environment.

Crete, the Greek island that most British holiday makers know for all the wrong reasons. Malia, one of the many locations on this island, is notoriously known amongst the party people of the UK. Its reputation is high on the list with other European ‘party places’ along with Magaluf on the Spanish island of Mallorca and many locations across Zante, another Greek Island. Malia sees thousands upon thousands of young British tourists flock to its sandy beaches, lovely weather and constant party atmosphere, filled with excitement for the fun they have laying ahead.

What about the people who don’t want to go and party? The people who want to relax, have a few meals, enjoy authentic Greek life for a week or two? Crete seems like one of the most undesirable of the islands for someone looking for this kind of experience. This is wrong. On the Opposite side of the island to Malia and the party nightlife lay beautiful mountains and breath taking scenery. Land which has remained almost untouched, within reach of ancient cities with so much to see and do.

Agia Marina, a quaint, traditional town with a multicultural, cosmopolitan feel. People from all around the world seem to come here to relax and forget all their worries. It truly is the place to go that no one in Britain seems to think about, the place every brit looking for a self-indulging holiday should go. This side of the island is completely overshadowed by the reputation of Malia, but it is one of the most amazing places you will ever see. Only thirty minutes from the thriving, ancient city of Chania. A city filled with history, things to do and people to meet. Everything has a story.

The small town is hidden towards the mountains of the island, they’re clearly visible in the distance wherever you look. The best food on the island is also thought to be here. The traditional tavernas all scream tradition. Manolis Taverna for example. Run by three generations of one family. The food is regarded as the best traditional cuisine the island can offer. The small, outdoor restaurant has a comfortable and peaceful vibe to it and being surrounded by a family truly makes you feel like you are surrounded by family. You make friends for life here.

Agia Marina isn’t a flat area however. As it is located so close to the mountains the terrain is rather varied. From flat ground to hills, in the heat walking this area can be quite tiring. Although when you reach the beach or make it back to your hotel it is definitely worth the walk. Who knows ladies and gents, you might not even gain that holiday weight everyone dreads.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

All it takes is a little bit of kindness

Yesterday, my faith in humanity was shattered and remade in a matter of minutes.
I fell, in the middle of Cardiff city centre, at lunch time. As you can imagine, it was busy, people walking around, grabbing lunch, doing their shopping and so you can now start to imagine how embarrassing it was to fall in front of them all.
I have metal in my knee which causes it to give way, usually I just look like I've bent one knee too fast, but occasionally it's worse. Today it was worse.
My knee gave out, my ankle rolled and I fell flat on my face. At first the only thing I noticed was how mortified I was that everyone around me had noticed. One woman asked if I was okay, but had walked away before I was able to reply...
Then I felt the pain, in my foot and all the way up my leg, unlike anything I've felt for a long time, so I sat, sobbing, waiting for my mum to come and save me. All the while people just watched as they walked by. Apart from one man and his wife. Right as my mum reached me, trying to figure out the best thing to do an older man, pushing his wife in a wheelchair stopped in his tracks. I didn't really notice him at first, until I heard 'are you okay my darling'. He then insisted his wife was to sit on the bench next to me and I was to get into her wheelchair so he could take me to a taxi to get me home safe...
Because of the kindness of one man I was able to get home in a taxi and wait for one of my parents to finish work and take me to A&E.
It really is true what they say, one act of kindness can change someone's day. To those who walked past me, ignoring me as I lay crying on the floor or sat sobbing on the bench, I hope one day someone is this kind to you and you find your way to showing someone the kindness I was shown by a man who's name I don't even know.

Friday, 10 February 2017

The new lipsticks that will make you feel like a princess

To start, SORRY! Sorry for not posting for so long. I was always told coming to uni that January (technically the end of December and start of February too) is the month made by the devil and I now understand why, snowed in by assignments. But I’m back! (You don’t understand how many emoji’s I want to finish that sentence with.)
On with the post!

As anyone who has ever known me or will ever know me knows, I am a massive fan of Beauty and the Beast. From the story, to the animation and the whitty banter of the characters it certainly is and forever will be my favourite Princess film. Belle is my role model, the girl I dreamed of becoming. I did in fact, when I thought I had failed my a-levels, convince myself I could forget journalism and just become Belle in Disneyland.

You can now imagine my excitement when I learnt there was a new film coming out (or as you will have read in previous post.) Now imagine my excitement at discovering a Beauty and the Beast themed make-up range is coming out. A set of lipsticks and nail varnishes thought up by the clever people over at L’OrĂ©al. The set includes 7 different shades of lipstick with matching coloured nail varnishes. Even if you’re not a fan of Beauty and the Beast you can’t help but admire the amazing colours.

The dynamic duos all come with individual casings, which are beautifully designed to represent the character they are names after. Even more excitingly the seven shades can not only be bought as a set but as ‘standalone duos’. From Instagram the box/boxes also stick to the overall fairytale theme.
The colours and the character matchings have clearly been carefully thought through. Belle and the Beast have both been assigned nothing less than a classic, passionate red. Both different shades of a powerful colour. Rose has been assigned to … (can you tell what’s coming?)  the Enchanted Rose. The deep pink colour is eye-catchingly beautiful. Mrs Potts has none other than a light pink, the subtle elegance is perfectly fitting. Even Lumiere and Cogsworth. The laid back candle stick has been paired with a light-tan, whereas the hot headed clock has been paired with a red which has an orange tint, somewhat showing a resemblance to a fire-y complexion. Finally a deep plum colour represents Plumette.

As much as I would die to get my hands on these products they aren’t as easily available as you would hope. They were released yesterday to the world with a catch. They were only made available on Italian Amazon. If you’re willing to pay the shipping they can be sent to the UK but the set alone will set you back over €100! I truly am crying inside!

I truly wish for this set to be released in the UK, we’ll just have to cross everything and see!